Top 100 Activities To Do With Kids At Home Today

Dated: March 25 2020

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Top 100 Activities To Do With Kids At Home Today

Today I was inspired by a social media post to come up with top 100 activities to do with kids at home today.  

My passion is to educate people how to maximize profits when they sell their home and discover their next dream home. It pains me when people end up with the wrong home. Majority of the time people are at work, school, or home. There are times you may be house bound with your kids. It's a great time to bond with your kids in the home. Here is a top 100 list I came up with.

This list is in random order. Please keep in mind to select activities from this list that are age appropriate and to supervise.

  1. Change a tire
  2. Pretend to pay bills
  3. Discuss bank accounts and how to use a debit card
  4. Learn about budgeting
  5. Sew a button
  6. Select 3 careers to learn more about
  7. Discuss a business idea
  8. Create a presentation
  9. Read a magazine online
  10. Cook or bake
  11. What to do in an emergency
  12. Build with legos
  13. Change lightbulb 
  14. Plan meals
  15. How to shop for groceries
  16. Laundry
  17. Name all tools in toolbox
  18. Check fluids in car
  19. Yardwork
  20. How to read a tape measure
  21. Write a letter
  22. Plan next party
  23. Map out next vacation
  24. Research fun workouts together
  25. Forest bathe (a way to connect with nature even in your own yard)
  26. Iron a shirt
  27. How to shop online
  28. How to fill out a job application, resume, and interview
  29. Learn to tie knots
  30. CPR
  31. What would you do scenarios
  32. Learn about credit and credit scores
  33. Fire escape plan
  34. Social media safety
  35. Grow your own food
  36. Create the perfect day
  37. Teach importance of time and how to budget it (I have a planner and happy to give you a digital version)
  38. Create your own show
  39. Learn how to juggle
  40. Watch the stars
  41. Learn new card games
  42. Play 20 questions
  43. Decorate your own room
  44. Organize closets/drawers
  45. Take art class
  46. Bubble art
  47. Learn to write cursive
  48. Watch a video or read about personal development. Younger kids can be how to say please and thank you.
  49. Select a DIY project
  50. Learn something new on YouTube
  51. Pretend to buy a car
  52. Create a recipe with three to seven ingredients
  53. Create affirmations
  54. Set up a rewards chart and jar
  55. Hula hoop
  56. Jump rope
  57. Sing songs or karaoke
  58. Play photographer
  59. Nature bingo or scavenger hunt
  60. Make a smoothie
  61. Dance party
  62. Draw with chalk
  63. Create an emergency to go bag
  64. Write out what grateful for
  65. Come up with ways to share kindness
  66. Call a family member and tell them you love them
  67. Learn about tire pressure
  68. Teach how to apologize
  69. Learn how to make a decision
  70. Reach out to an older person and get to know them
  71. How to take an interest in someone
  72. Listening skills
  73. Learn how to buy a house (this is something I can guide you on)
  74. Have a tea or cocoa party
  75. Make a wallet out of paper
  76. Learn emotions and role play
  77. Pick a book to read
  78. Create your own game
  79. Design your own car, house, outfit
  80. Fashion show
  81. Set up a fundraiser or donate to a cause
  82. Learn body gestures and role play
  83. Set up your own bowling game
  84. Build a fort
  85. Play game who can pack the most in a suitcase
  86. Make up a dance
  87. Come up with ways to be a good friend
  88. Make slime
  89. Make your own bath fizzie
  90. Create new hairstyles
  91. Create a list of what makes you happy
  92. Travel virtually (visit your favorite places online)
  93. Check out a museum online
  94. Put together a puzzle
  95. Learn how to breathe when stressed
  96. Select top music list
  97. Build with blocks or legos
  98. Make edible paint
  99. Find something to get rid of and donate or sell
  100. Search homes for sale at  

What would you add to the list? 

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