The Team

Meet Our Team

Deb Scott

Deb’s family history is top leaders in real estate since 1950. She was an award-winning cardiac surgery sales specialist before continuing the family legacy. We are honored to have Deb’s highly positive energy to the team!


Jared was a professional baseball player for the Atlanta Braves organization before pursuing his dream of a real estate agent. Jared is very professional, methodical, and all about winning for his customers. He is a great asset to the team!

Shannon Mann

Shannon Mann grew up with an uncle that was, and still is, a real estate developer. She learned there is a certain amount of pride that one feels when they own real estate and investing in real estate correctly can create long term financial security. Shannon works hard behind the scenes overseeing the transactions. Her husband Steve is a dedicated assistant to Shannon Mann. Our goal is for you to have the least amount of stress in your home selling or buying experience!